“Mustard-With Swagger!!”

Episode 8 found Mike and Kyle interviewing Kristen Langan. Katie also known as “Kiki”, has an amazing story, part of which is her female founded brand “Kiki’s Flustered Mustard. She also has an AWESOME podcast that we encourage you to check out-Life over Brunch Podcast. Here’s some more info:

About Kiki’s Mustard:

Born out of a desire for a substantial snack that would be healthy, delicious, and that the vast majority of folks could enjoy, paired with a love of mustard, Kiki’s was created.

Kiki’s Mustards are different, hearty, and not just a hot dog topper.

It can stand alone, or stand up to a steak.

Kiki’s “Flustered Mustard”

The substantial savoriness comes from the chickpeas. A terrific protein source that bulks up the flavor and the mouthfeel. Chickpeas and natural ingredients make up the recipes in all Kiki’s flavor varieties. No additives or preservatives included!

Kiki’s Mustards are the unexpected flavor addition you didn’t know you were missing!

Perfect for the hot dog and burger crowd, good for those watching their waistlines, and the gluten free and vegan gangs can also devour a jar. From pretzels, hard boiled eggs, wraps, and zoodles, to cheeses, meats, fish, or straight out of the jar, Kiki’s Mustards pair well with life!

More mustard in more mouths! That’s the plan. Kiki’s is taking the condiment world, high-fifing it, and turning it upside down.

And the name? That came from my friend’s son who couldn’t pronounce my name- Kristen. That was 9 years ago, and it stuck!

Hoping you enjoy the succulent ride Kiki’s will take your taste buds on!

You can check out her webshop here (I know that I’ll be ordering) – https://kikisflusteredmustard.com/collections/kikis-condiments

And about Kiki’s Podcast:

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Kiki’s Life Over Brunch Podcast- it’s can’t miss.

From her guilt-free, gluten-free line of chickpea based condiments adding value to our mouths, Kiki decided to bring something for your ears with Life Over Brunch. Life Over Brunch was created to bring value and actionable advice on all things small business, food, and self development from Kiki herself and other female (and male) founders. Tune in to what speaks to you, it’s in heck of a tasty podcast!

Kiki’s Podcast has so many topics that are beneficial to not only the #TNSTL but to any earth inhabitant! Give your ears a treat here-https://soundcloud.com/lifeoverbrunch.

On behalf of the TNSTL team, I want to personally thank Kristen “Kiki” Langen for taking time and filling in on short notice! She gave me a TON of motivation this week, and I look forward to my taste buds dancin’ with some of her Mustard!!

For more about There’s No Script to Life Podcast check here:
(Link Incoming)

Thanks so much for checking us out!

Get me Some of Kiki’s Mustard!


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