Episode 10 “Nutrition 101” is Now LIVE!!

In this week’s episode, Mike and Kyle discuss the nutritional facts of three of the most popular diets: The Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and the American (western) Diet.

Disclaimer: We here at the TNSTL podcast must tell you that we are not doctors, nutritionists or anything of that nature. We vehemently encourage you to consult with a doctor or a physician before attempting any diet or health change.

The Keto diet became popular in its early inception known as the “Atkin’s Diet” and everyone started trying it” And with numerous research data supporting primarily diabetic health and highly effective for short term fat loss, , Mike explains how dangerous the diet could be. Kyle breaks down the facts and we combine to tell you facts and experience.

The Intermittent Diet is a not exactly a “diet” but more of an eating pattern that seems to have tremendous benefits. Kyle breaks down his experience, Mike breaks down facts, and we combine to discuss further the myths and experience of the diet.

Kyle hyping the podcast for this week!!! How intellectual these glasses look on him.

The American or “Western” diet includes limiting sugars and fats. Kyle and Mike discuss the facts, myths, and experiences. Spoiler: This is NOT the favorite of theirs, and we go ahead and break down the why.

The team then breaks down their three respective main points to end the show. On top of these 6 facts, this episode is JAM PACKED with value about these three diets and nutrition overall. Check out the podcast on Spotify, or simply click the “play button” below.

“Nutrition 101 with Kyle and Mike”

Have you tried a diet that you would love us to discuss? What were your results? Let’s hear it down below!!-db


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