Episode 12- “Why don’t we start?” With Pat Mcglynn and Steve Werner is LIVE!!

In this session, Mike and Kyle have dual guests. They are Steve Werner and Pat Mcglynn. Musicians out of Scranton, PA- Pat and Steve both have unique stories that our audience will definitely benefit from. This episode contains a lot of musical references, overcoming fear, and how lyrics and songs are built. The team then discusses the “why?” within them on what keeps them motivated to keep playing and writing music.

The team and Steve and Pat making podcasts and people smile

Kyle asks who Pat and Steve think is better- STP or Pearl Jam to a great reaction.
Steve discusses how he started, and transitioned into a fluid and elastic musician. Pat compliments Steve for this, in which Steve is pleased. Pat discusses how he started, how musicians know what set lists to play, his own creative music as well as fear of being in front of people.

Mike and Steve discuss playing as children and Steve always having an affinity for the percussion. Steve discusses how he blends two professions that he’s passionate about into one.

This episode truly embodies what its like to overcome multiple fears. Pat discusses stage fright and Steve discusses leaving his job to follow a passion. Kyle and Mike discuss how fear can dictate someone, but what it feels to overcome it.

The team signs off with where to find Pat and Steve.

Pat could be found at – https://www.facebook.com/patrickmmusic/
as well as- http://www.patrickmcglynnmusic.com

Steve could be found at “everything.com/stevewerner” as he says in the show

You can check out Episode 12 below:

There’s No Script to Life Podcast- Episode 12

What was your favorite part of this week’s Episode? Did you enjoy hearing the team talk on music? Comment below! We’d LOVE to hear from you!-db

Episode 12 of #TNSTL Podcast Rocks!!


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