Episode 13- “The Underrated Episode” with Matt Mcgloin is LIVE!

Matt Mcgloin joins our show!

This week, Mike and Kyle were excited to welcome former Penn State, NFL, and XFL quarterback Matt Mcgloin onto the show. Matt, a graduate of West Scranton High School (the same high school Mike, Dustin, and Kyle went to) discusses what it was like to not get a credible Division 1 offer, succeed, and go on to start in the NFL after being undrafted. Matt is one of the finest underdog stories that you will hear.

Matt played many sports growing up, and loved the grind. He discusses how this helped him in so many ways throughout his upbringing. His mindset was always decided to play Division 1 quarterback for a major school. He always knew that if he got a chance, that he would succeed.

Soon into his collegiate career, Matt started his first game, against rival Michigan, under the lights on ESPN. Matt went on to bring Penn State from behind and secure the victory. Matt discusses what it was like being the starting QB for a University that was under the microscope with controversy. Matt discusses the locker room, what it was like being a leader during that time, and what it took to succeed.

Matt, Kyle, and Mike mid recording

Matt went on to go undrafted in the NFL Draft. Matt was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Oakland Raiders. Matt discusses how past experiences prepared him for the moment. Matt was 4th String at first, just to start by his 6th week into his professional career.

Kyle and Mike pick Matt’s brain throughout the journey, about his unbreakable mindset, tips and tricks that it took to keep moving forward throughout the trials of his journey, and some characteristics and traits that also helped him move forward.

Hearing Matt, Kyle, and Mike discuss the topics gave me goosebumps. There is so much content in this episode that ANYONE can benefit from, not just football fans.

Recently, Matt started his own podcast – The Underrated Hour – which you can find everywhere that plays podcasts! @theunderratedhour!
Check out this weeks episode below!!

Episode 13= Amazing

Comment below your thoughts on this weeks episode!-db


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