Episode 13- “The Underrated Episode” with Matt Mcgloin is LIVE!

This week, Mike and Kyle were excited to welcome former Penn State, NFL, and XFL quarterback Matt Mcgloin onto the show. Matt, a graduate of West Scranton High School (the same high school Mike, Dustin, and Kyle went to) discusses what it was like to not get a credible Division 1 offer, succeed, and go on to start in the NFL after being undrafted. Matt is one of the finest underdog stories that you will hear.

Episode 11 “Breaking Boundaries” With Rachel Putorti is now Live!!

In this episode, Mike and Kyle interview Rachel Putorti, owner of ProJuicery in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Episode 9- A “Q&A” with Kyle and Mike is now live!!

n this week’s episode of the There’s No Script To Life Podcast, Kyle and Mike enjoy answering some questions from our listeners and Social Media Following. They drew from the hip on this episode, and it was pretty interesting hearing them answer questions without any notes, and going right “off script”.